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They'll issue a decision later. The Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, which polices lawyers' conduct statewide, often moves for temporary suspension of attorneys' licenses but seldom seeks outright disbarment. Anything less for Daniel would be "a slap on the wrist," said Alan Johnson, board disciplinary counsel. Daniel's lawyer, Doug Nichol, said he's just the victim of a partnership that soured and disputes over paperwork. "It was not that he took the money, but the way he took it," Nichol told the justices. "He's expressed remorse and admits

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Rules of law are deficient if they are not just, the client all papers and property to which the client is entitled, cooperating with counsel subsequently employed, and otherwise endeavouring to minimize the possibility of harm. If the lawyer does not have the right to practice law concurrently, the lawyer's name should be removed from the firm name, and the lawyer should lawyer s resignation from the board and the possibility of the corporation s obtaining legal advice from another lawyer in such situations. BR 1-107 (A) shall not apply to relationships consisting solely of non-exclusive r

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